I just called 5 Canton Road Honk Kong...

Jul 3, 2006
dont think so?[/QUOTE

Actually it was but is now sold out. If you clicked on the zippy coin purse and actually pulled it up, it have you the option of two colors. If you clicked on the gold, it came up with a full picture of the one with the Canton Road plate and showed the gold interior, but after a few weeks said out of stock online. It was still showing up this morning that way, but still said out of stock on line. As of this morning, it still showed as "available in two colors.". May have been a website error, but I doubt it because the full size zippy used to show up as well, although it's been off now for a few weeka now.


Jan 7, 2007
yoghurt_girl85, may you can ask Let-Trade? I ever asked them the details ( measuring or market price ) about a bag if I know nothing or just a little :P


Dec 1, 2007
I called when they first came out and was told that it was never available to purchase on line at Vuitton.com or eluxury even though you could pull it up and put it in your cart. They were only available to purchase at the Hong Kong store exclusively. So, no you could not ever purchase it in the US on either of the websites...only at the Canton store in Hong Kong even though you could pull up the two color options and click on the gold and see the interior, which was amazing, and you could even put it in your cart but it would put it on your wish list and the price was higher than the mono, even though it wasn't listed with the item, the new price would just show up in the cart but you could not purchase it on line. The US websites were really confusing because they made it look like you could purchase one when in fact you never could.