I just brought her home~ she's glorious !!

  1. :yahoo: Just went and used my PCE card on the bag I've obsessing over for a couple months. I tried to talk myself out of it and I looked at all the bags and thought well maybe I should get a less expensive one. But she kept calling me back to pick her up and look at her and she was the last one they had in her color ( coral red). So I caved and bought her. I feel so guilty since I just bought my first Coach bag ( a large sig balck flap bleeker a couple months ago and a matching wallet)..I must be insane ! But I am getting rid of my junky bags and plan on just havig a few really good ones...that's my rational anyway :smile:

    so here she is : someone post her picture for me please, I'm on dial up and takes forever to save something to my Photobucket....

  2. Loveeee it! Whenever I see this bag in the store I just have to try it on in front of the mirror- its so pretty! But I have an extremely similar hamptons carryall from last year so I can never bring myself to take the plunge on this one. Its gorgeous though!
  3. Congrats, what color did you get?
  4. The coral/red
  5. This one, right?


    Very, very pretty! Congratulations!!
  6. Yes that's her, thanks !
  7. I like that bag a lot! I was looking at the mahogany one for a while...good buy!
  8. that is beautiful!!! I was feeling the same guilt when I found my chocolate siggy leigh, but I went home and could not stop thinking about her and literally dreamed about her.. I have since adopted her and just adore her.. she is spendy but I guess I figure I can have her or have 2 bags that I dont' really want :shrugs:
  9. Wowza!!! What a GORGEOUS BAG!! Talk about the Catherine Zeta Jones of Coach purses!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. Great choice! Enjoy your new bag!
  12. very beautiful choice! I have the larger mahogany one, and it's just a gorgeous bag!
  13. I got that bag at the September PCE, I don't carry it as often as I anticipated, I really prefer a shoulder bag. Enjoy it, you will receive a ton of compliments.
  14. It is a beautiful bag! Isn't it cool to finally get the bag you were dreaming about?!
  15. Congrats, she is a beauty!! Love that color!