I just broke my purse ban!!!!!!!!! Help me!!!

  1. Ok girls please hold my hand................ I just broke my purse ban.......... I just had to!!!!! I just bought the EGGPLANT PURSE!!! :yahoo:
    I love this bag so much and when it came up on eBay I just had to have it!!! Whats a girl to do? anyway I am totally prepared to sell something from my collection so thats no too bad is it ??? Oh well just wanted to share the news as DH doesnt get the bbag obsession!!!!
  2. Congrats on the eggplant! can't wait to see the pics
  3. Congrats, no I don't think it's bad you bought it if you're going to sell something else to fund it. Make sure to post pics when you get it!
  4. Congrats!! I was drooling over her a few mins before you bid!! I'm so happy it went to a fellow PFer!! She seems to be in great shape with stunningly smooshy smooshy leather. Good Luck with the sale!
  5. I saw the auction and I was wondering which lucky tPFer got that bag. Congratulations!!!
  6. Congrats!!! I saw that on eBay this morning and it looks GORGEOUS!!!! I knew it was only a matter of time before somebody snatched it up!!!! Yay!!!!:yahoo:
  7. YEAH!:yahoo: I'm glad you snagged mintpearl's BEAUTIFUL Purse! It's AMAZING!
  8. congrats!! Atleast you got your eggplant.

    purse bans.....who needs em!!
  9. Thanks girls that makes me feel better... I just need to figure out what to sell now! lol .....
  10. I was looking at that auction also. Congrats!

    Hey, I'm in the market for a twiggy. Got one to sell? :graucho:
  11. Clearly, you need to sell the magenta box.:graucho:

    Because there's probably, like, a whole lot of people who would like to buy it:whistle:

    Congrats on the new bag. She sounds gorgeous and very worthy of breaking a ban.
  12. :idea: I know....you should definitely sell your apple green twiggy. Hey whada you know, IM looking for an apple green twiggy! ;) :graucho:
  13. Sell me your bubblegum city! I was drooling over that egplant purse TDF! I am so glad that you broke your ban for it!:wlae:
  14. Haha.....well from these responses you could sell any one of your bags and people will be all over them! You have a great collection:heart:
  15. I want one too!!! Congratulations!!!