I JUST broke my ban for this!

  1. I've been good and haven't bought anything Coach for a few months.. and then I saw this Zoe clutch and couldn't resist. I know I'm going to regret it when I see my credit card bill next month :push: Someone PLEASE make me feel better for giving in to temptation LOL!

  2. Cute bag !! I love it , congrats. You wont even think about the credit card bill when your working your bag with a cute little cocktail dress,lol :yes:
  3. I LOVE that clutch! That's the cutest and very classic too.
  5. Thanks girls! I usually have a lot of formal events to go to so I'm telling myself I'll use the clutch a lot. The funny thing is I was shopping online for a vday present for the bf when I decided to go check eBay.. and then it was a classic impulse click and buy:shame:
  6. I have this clutch too, and will be using it for the first time this weekend when I go see Camelot at the Theater! It's lovely! There is also a mini skinny in the same print that I had to have also! :graucho:

    Am I bad that I also have the black leather version?
  7. ^ Oh goodness.. don't tell me there are more of these pieces still out there LOL! I absolutely adore it and I usually don't even like Coach's lurex line. The Zoe just looks super classy so I can't blame you for buying two of them :lol:
  8. sparkles48, its GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  9. OMGosh, I love love love, that! I would buy that in a heartbeat if I saw it in the outlets this weekend. Congratulations on your purchase! Definitely worth breaking your ban for!
  10. With that clutch in my hand I'd forget about my ban in less than a second. It's absolutely gorgeous :biggrin:
  11. I picked one up too. I am trying to figure out whether it's a keeper or to sell it. I got the striped Zoe too.
  12. It's Gorgeous! Enjoy it.
  13. How much did you end up spending on it? :smile:

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the optic signature either but that one actually looks very good. It would make a perfect evening bag. I approve!
  14. ^ I paid about $155 for it, so it wasn't *TOO* bad =) I'm sure it's cheaper at the outlets though. The one near me just never carries anything exciting so I had to buy mine through eBay.
  15. congrats!