I just bout the large violet downtown...

  1. I called around and could not find the medium downtown in violet. This is the color I wanted. So I broke down and ordered the large downtown in violet from Kathry in NY 212-988-3821. On sale for $899.00. There is one more violet left in large. The San Fran. store had some Medium in other colors 415-837-1211. I did not feel a lighter color would work for me.
    I am so excited, this is my first YSL.
    I am tall so I think I can pull the large size bag. LOL-just when I try to think I will carry a smaller bag I go and buy a huge bag. I guess some habits are hard to change.
  2. :woohoo:Congratulations!!!

    What a fabulous price for a gorgeous bag!

    Hope you can post pics when you get it!
  3. Congratulations, gilliana! $899 is a great price for a Large and it's really not a huge difference from the Medium, I think it's just about 3" taller which I'm sure you'll be able to pull off. I'm like you, I initially was looking at Mediums, too, but was set on the Vichy and came across a Large when they were essentially no longer available and couldn't pass it up. I have not regretted my purchase at all and I don't think you will, either. The North-South look of the Large is the original design for the bag and should look great on your tall frame.
  4. Congrats gillianna! The violet is beautiful, and purple is supposed to be the HOT color for spring 08. And you got a great deal! I'm only 5'4" and I have a Large Downtown, so if I can pull it off, I'm sure that you can! :tup:
  5. I have always been a LV girl but felt it was time to get away from monograms....just tired of them. Then I lurked on some of the forums and at first thought I would get a Kooba. Once I spent time on YSL forum and saw all the stunning purses I was hooked. I just couldn't make up my mind.....
    I thought of the tribute bag but the downtown just seemed to call my name. What is strange is no bag really made me feel like I had to have it until I keep looking at all the pictures of the downtown. Then the color violet did it for me, I feel lucky to have found the bag. The sales girl Kathryn was so sweet in answering all my questions and did not have any attitude like some SA do if you talk on the phone.
    Did anyone else get a downtown at a good price?
  6. ^^^^^Oooo, so its your FIRST YSL! Even better. The Downtown is a great first choice.
  7. Congrats...I have the same color in the med. size. I love it! Got it on sale @ YSL in Chicago.
  8. congrats!!! what a great bag with a great price!!!
  9. Welcome to the YSL forum Gillianna!
  10. I just received my teak downtown from Nordstrom. It was supposed to be a large but it is actually the medium. Such a lovely color but I really had my heart set on the large bag....
  11. green_eggs;Are you sending your medium back to get the large? I feel you should have received what you ordered and be 100% happy with your bag.
    Good luck.
  12. Congrats on your Downtown.:yahoo: How do you like yours?
  13. There isn't a large one left in all of Nordstrom :confused1:. Luckily a good friend of mine was really wanting a medium so I think she is going to get it.
  14. I decided to get the large in violet--can't wait for it to arrive!!!!