I just bought...

  1. the black epi pochette from let-trade! :yahoo: I was looking for a bag that could be used for evening as well as day. This is my first purchase with let-trade, so I hope all goes well with the shipping. I'm so glad someone pointed it out here since the holidays are coming up! Thank you!;)
  2. congrats!! its a pretty classy bag, im sure it will serve the purpose of an evening bag very well!
  3. Great choice!:love:
  4. congrats!!! one classy bag!
  5. congrats, i'm sure you'll love it!
  6. Congrats.
  7. Congratulations! That's a very lovely evening bag!
  8. wow. classic. congrats!!!
  9. Beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Yay congrats! Can't wait for you to get it!
  11. Congrats! I have this one too.
  12. Very nice...CONGRATS! I was actually considering it too...I'm glad a PFer bought it!!! Post pics when you get it!
  13. Nice, I think I remember seeing it on let-trade - congrats, hope you won it and it's yours!! AWESOME!!
  14. Congrats...great choice!
  15. Congrats! Let-trade is the best...
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