I just bought...

  1. A brand new amarante French purse from fashionphile!

    I know I "decided" to get the Damier Alma instead...but before I made that decision, I saw this FP go for really low on eBay and later the price went up lots through a bidding war between a few people... and the person bidding against me gave up and I ended up winning the wallet. :p So now, no more Damier Alma for me but I saved $170 CAD on a brand new wallet (well, excluding customs...hope that isn't too much!!)

    When I first found out that I won I was actually kind of disappointed (I thought the other person would snipe, but nope, didn't happen) but later on thought it through and now I feel much better...I have plans to get a Damier Cabas Piano special ordered in October so I should still be able to get my Damier fix! If I don't like the Nimbus PM (*gasp* if that's possible) then maybe I'll get the Damier Alma and something else with the money. I'm still not feeling 100% positive about this purchase, but then again I wasn't 100% in love with the Alma because I know that after I go back to school I won't be able to carry a handheld purse very much.

    Only auction pic for now...I'll post my own pics when this beauty arrives!

  2. its gorgeous, congrats.
  3. Oh my god. it's beautiful.
  4. Oh Karman.. it's gorgeous!!! WOW, that color never ceases to amaze me. Congrats on getting it lees than retail.. that's not an easy feat with such a new release item!
  5. congrats! its gorgeous! can't wait to see more pics when it arrives!
  6. Lol congrats!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. I saw the Amarante line on Saturday, it's incredible in real life - congratulations on getting such a new item below rrp! :tup:
  9. congrats karman!!!!
  10. Congrats on your new wallet Karman. She is beautiful.
  11. Gorgeous color! Congrats and post pics when you get her!
  12. Congrats Karman!! It's gorgeous!!
  13. I rarely seem to follow through with my "decisions" :confused1: hahaa, I think the only for sure decisions I've made were the Beverly MM and the LOVE2 tote so far...everything else just seem to come and go :s
  14. looks really pretty!
  15. congrats! it's a hot hot wallet!