I just bought Tokidoki Accesories! Mirror Compact etc

  1. Hey everyone. I just ordered a mirror compact by smashbox for tokidoki, its really cute and two tokidoki lip glosses. Any of you have these? They haven't arrived yet. I hope they will fit into my portatelephono bag too. -Which hasn't arrived yet either.- I'm so anxious to get my goodies!

    I ordered some Coach stuff and Dooney wristlets too.
  2. I have the mirror and a lipgloss :smile: they'll fit in a portatelefono... they're cute also!
  3. Congrats!! The mirror is super cute! I have it although I haven't used it yet :shame:. I'm afraid to ruin it or break it. I also have both the eyeshadows and they're fabulous! :tup: I don't have the lipglosses b/c they were kinda sticky for me. I'm addicted to Dior Addict lipgloss so I couldn't do it but the colors are super cute! I'm sure you're gonna love them and your porta!! Congrats! :tup:
  4. MmhHhmm, I have a lipgloss and the mirror. I haven't really used the lipgloss, I'm more of a natural girl...I just bought it to skip ahead in line to meet Simone at the Sephora signing lolz.........
  5. congrats pupluv! I have the mirror but I haven't used it at all yet. Like TokiJenY I'm also afraid of breaking it .. haha but I will use it eventually.
  6. I just received the coral lipgloss from an angel and its really natural MLBB shade..however the smell remind me of old grannys' lipsticks..keke
  7. BIRKI nooooo

    I thought it would smell as cute as it looks:sad:

    Does it have a taste to it?