I just bought Three Maxis

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  1. I just bought three of the Maxi Bags and I'm loving them all! I bought the Black Lamb in both Gold and Silver Hardware and the red which is more like a coral so pretty for summer. The price for the lamb is $3095 and the caviar is $2850. I by a few Chanel Bags each season. I always work with Gaby in the Chanel Beverly Hills boutique. She is so nice, helpful, young and fashion forward. She finds anything I need and talks me out of things that I should probably not buy. Shes the best!:tup:
  2. wow, congrats! any pics?
  3. wow...PICS please!!!
  4. Wow! I'm planning to buy the red maxi too. That's the one that looks orangey right? I thought the price of the lamb is 3195 and the caviar is 2895? How are you liking it? Pics please... :smile:
  5. Awww congrats!! Please show us modelling pics! Especially on Lambskin as we are all wondering if it's more structured than Caviar this time!!

    And do load your bags with items as we're afraid of "Wings" appearing!!!
  6. Congratulations! How bout some pictures or even some modelings? :graucho:
  7. Whoa big congrats :smile: We wanna see pictures please.
  8. congrats! i cant wait to see pictureS!
  9. Congrats on your three classics - i can understand your love for them....
  10. OMG! I'm so jealous! I saw the maxi IRL today and they were so beautiful. I love the size! Picturesssss please!
  11. Wow! You did very well for yourself. You're so lucky to have purchased 3 gorgeous bags. I haven't seen any IRL yet. I'm deciding on which to buy. Can't wait to see your side-by-side pics so I can see the difference between the lambskin & new caviar leathers.
  12. AHH PICS PLEASE!! am loving hte maxi
  13. can't wait to see all the Maxis!
  14. You are so lucky!! I cant wait to get mine!!
  15. i didnt know the maxi came in black lambskin and gold hardware wow,ive not seen photos of that one,do post photos soon,on all your buys,congrats!