I just bought this...should I keep?

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I bought this bag today. I like the size and I can wear it cross body and on shoulder. but I know it is not leather:tdown: should I keep??? Need your girls' honest opinion on a vinly bag...btw it is 1695+tax for the price.

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  2. post a pic please
  3. Yes pic! Is it that new bag with the flap?
  4. sorry..pic is up now
  5. I think the bag is beautiful, but it is a lot of money for vinyl. If it really bothers you, you should exchange it.
  6. Only you know if you really love it - :heart::confused1:

    But vinyl to me is not a material I would spend that much for even with the name Chanel on it...
  7. I looked at that bag on Sat, while the price is good IMO the bag felt cheap. It looks really good, but it just felt cheap in my hands so I passed. If you don't absolutely love it, exchange it for something you do.

    It is good if you're going to do active things that require a super light bag, but other than that it didn't strike me as anything special.
  8. Regardless of the material, if you love the bag keep it. But if you can't justify the price, spend some more money on a different bag that you'll feel comfortable having. Why don't you post a modeling pic so we can see it on you?? I'm sure it's really cute.
  9. yes..give us a modelin pic so we can see it on you..I saw this bag...I personally prefer leather bags..buts this would hold up well in all weather too
  10. if you like it... keep it. if you don't completely love it, then return it because its a lot to spend. also, the material is not leather, so it's a little harder to justify it in my mind.
  11. It's cute, but boy is that STEEP for vinyl! Just think, the large cabas in vinyl was $995. That was the hottest bag around just a few months ago!
  12. It's way too much for vinyl. I'd rather a spend a couple hundred more dollars and purchase a leather bag. I think a leather bag would be a lot more timeless and classic.
  13. really? a vinyl cabas was 995? since I was asking for a cabas, my SA told me that this one can function just like a cabas. I think GST is too heavy to wear and Cerf tote is too serious for everyday..hum...what to do..sorry girls...I am at my brother's now so I can't post any pics today....
  14. it looks cute definitely, but i wouldn't pay that much for vinyl. however if you DO love it, then why not keep it? but if you're not 100% happy with it, then perhaps consider returning/exchanging it? Post modelling pics! hehe.
  15. I would definitely prefer something leather, especially for that price. The vinyl would bother me, although it is a pretty purse.