I just bought this on Bluefly...

  1. Although I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was too much of an impulse purchase. And I suspect it was a return, because I saw it few months back, and it just popped back up today with the extra 10%. And I forgot to click through LuckyRewards, so I'm out of the 7%, blech...

  2. I often forgot to use the Luckyrewards too. But oh, well.....if I really like the bag and the bag is hard to find, I don't really care about the "small" discount. I just don't want a regret later on.....
  3. Great bag! Congrats!
  4. I really liked the hobo spy when I first saw it...but then after a while I really didnt like it at all. Then I realized the reason why I like it at first and then not at all was because the first ones I saw all had the little pocket design on the front and then after a while all I kept seeing was the ones with out the pocket!

    Nice find! I just love those ones!!!
  5. ooh, cute bag, congrats!!
  6. Nice bag, congratulations!
  7. Enjoy your new bag...
  8. Nice bag, I love that colour.:smile:
  9. Thanks everyone. I really liked it on first sight, but now I'm wavering. I tried to cancel the order this morning, but Bluefly said it was too late, so we'll see when it gets here. Maybe I'll love it anyway :heart:
  10. I like the style but would be afraid to use white! I guess the best thing is to see what you think when you get it. Let us know:yes:
  11. Cute bag Congratulations.
  12. congrats! cute hobo spy.....
  13. titania029- I understand your dilemma here. It's a cute bag, but if when it arrives, you are not overjoyed with it and love it to pieces, you can always return it for something that really sings to you. :smile:
  14. I got the bag today. I must say, fast delivery! It was only mailed out yesterday. I liked it better than I thought I would, but I don't absolutely love it, so it's going back. I have decided to use the credit to buy DH a new coat. He deserves a little luxury too :yes:
  15. Its beautiful.