i just bought this mbmj card case

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  1. Cute!!!!!!
  2. Dang! It must be out of stock b/c i cant see anything on that link. fooey.
  3. ^^ same here
  4. Nada for me too...
  5. i think i got the last one, you could still see the pic last night. i haven't found it on any other site
  6. Post pics when it arrives! Can't wait to see it!
  7. ^It's very cute!
  8. That is REALLY cute!
  9. cute! i like it! elux got a crazy makeover!
  10. Wow, I love that!!
  11. Wow Jess, you aren't kidding...
  12. That is really cute!!! (unlike elux.... yuck. it looks like a downgrade!)
  13. Oooh, i like that wallet. it matches that oh-so-cute bag that is perfect for summer :girlsigh: