I just bought this luscious bag, give me a high 5?

  1. [​IMG]

    Need a little support from my girls, please. :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats, it's lovely.
  3. Congrats!
  4. Is that MJ?! It's such a lovely bag! I love the leather that forms the strap and leads into the brass rings...it looks so luxurious!!!!

    I really like the Gucci scarf tote bag but this one looks a lot better (I thought that the Gucci scarf tote would be hard to beat).
  5. wow, I like that bag.. what brand is it?? it's very lovely.. congrats..
  6. One word...Love! Okay maybe a few more, It is AbFab! Way to go!
  7. Love it!!:yes:
  8. It's lovely- the leather looks delicious... congrats!!!
  9. Yep, like it...it reminds me of the Choo Ramona...and something else...MJ? What is it?
  10. Big high 5 for you!
  11. PRETTY bag! congratulations
  12. Oh, that is sooo pretty! The color is so rich.
  13. Love it!
  14. Thanks ladies!
    The bag is the Studded Leather Hobo by Ede Studio. I like some obscure bags! I purchased this from NM, and I do believe I got the last one!
    The price had just gone down by $150, so I immediatley moved it from my wishlish into my shopping cart, and as soon as I finished paying, the bag showed as "unavailable" on the website.
  15. It's very nice. I love it!!