I just bought this Gucci...Need opinions

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  1. Hello there!

    I just bought this Gucci on Bluefly.com. It came out to $702.00 including shipping. I thought that was a good deal considering it is all leather and a pretty classic bag.


    The only thing I am worried about it the drop size on the handle (5 inches). I hope it will fit over my shoulder. I am 5'2 and a half and about 117lbs, so I think it will go over the shoulder. Also, the bag folds over and sinks...so that might help.

    Was this a good buy? Please advise :sad:

  2. I had this very same bag and it does fit very comfortably over the shoulder....the leather is very soft and it was a comfortable bag. I think you got a great deal. I used to stuff the buttom of it with the dust bag to give it some shape on the buttom!

  3. Hi-I read your post and you had the large wave hobo. This one is the small one...so that is why I was concerned about the drop being 5 inches. It is smaller than the one you had.

    Oh and why do you no longer have the bag? :sad: Just curious...
  4. I'm pretty sure that the drop will be more than 5" because the bag will slouch down in the middle when worn. Hopefully you will love the bag and it was a good deal. But if you don't love it, you can always return it because Bluefly has a super return policy, so long as you don't remove the security tag. Good luck!
  5. I have never purchased from Bluefly.com, so I am bit anxious to see if I am getting a "good deal" or not :smile:
  6. I bought a gucci wallet from Bluefly and returned it because I didn't care for the size, but their service was great. they immediately credited my account unlike eluxury which took 3-4 months. So I agree that if you don't totally love it you can return it, but it's a beautiful bag! Post pics when you get it.
  7. Considering your size, I think this bag will fit you. It is really nice btw! If not, at least you can return it, but that's a great price for it!
  8. Awesome! I really hope it is great. Thanks.

    I will post pics when it arrives!
  9. You got an awesome deal. I hope it works out for you and i love the metal details on the strap. Like Peeve said, with your size... i think everything will be ok. Let us know and pics!
  10. Thanks and I will. It is the Gucci small wave hobo. Can't wait :smile:
  11. Wow it is lovely.

  12. Thanks :smile:
  13. very nice bag =)
  14. I just looked at the measurments of this bag and it was the one I had...DON'T worry about the size at all!

    I don't have it anymore becuase I sold it to fund more chloes.
  15. ok-i will let you know what happens when it gets here :smile: