I just bought this gauffre!

  1. It's either too good to be true or one of the greatest "deals" ever (my cynical side is taking over, so ready for anything). Raffaello-network.com at $998. My understanding is that they sell the real thing? Will send pics when it gets here!

    BTW, I'm new (nice to meet you)!:smile:

  2. So YOU'RE the lucky beneficiary of their mis-pricing that bag. We must have been doing battle during the checkout process and you won. I hope you actually get it, because if they realize they let a $2400 bag go for $998, you'll never see it. Crossing my fingers for you!
  3. Thanks - LOL! Sorry about that (or am I? ;) ) I'm half expecting an email in the next couple of days correcting the price...
  4. Seriously, keep me/us posted on whether you get the bag or the "so sorry" email. I'll have to be soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous if you get that gauffre for $998!! :greengrin:
  5. OH MAN!!!!!! dang. where was I??

    Congrats Kelly! I hope no email comes! and welcome to Pradaland!! :cutesy:
  6. Wow Kelly,

    You scored *MASSIVE* if you get that bag!!! Yowsah!!!

    I ordered Miu Miu from them and it arrived the next day - so you should know soon!!

    Wow wow wowow!! Please keep us posted! Geez! That's cool! :nuts:

    (well, cool for you, not the retailer! - they'll die if they find out)
  7. Right izitso...

    where was I too!!! Prada Psycho was the only other one on top of this baby! Kudos to you Prada Psycho for finding this steal of a deal!!! :yahoo:

    My sincere condolences to you for not securing it. :crybaby: There'll be others though... this means you have something good coming to you.
  8. ^^^Maybe Kelly will hate it and leave it to me in her will? :yes:
  9. Thanks so much - it was pure luck! I suspect they'll catch it, but I'm still laughing.. :smile:
  10. Check the credit card you used and see if there is a pending authorization from them (or in that amount).
  11. Re the will: abso-tively! now just have to remember to write one...
  12. Looks like there's still hope Prada Psycho...:sweatdrop:
  13. Just an FYI, not to deflate your hopes... but, when I bought my Miu Miu from Raffaello... the price was marked down on the site, but they charged my CC the full price... and since the charge is in EUROS and it bills to your CC in Euros then converted, you will have to figure it out - so you will more than likely *get* the bag, but you may end up paying full retail for it. :nuts: I would definitely double-check with the cc company if you can, because once Raffaello ships, if you want to return it (obv. only if you paid full price) you'll have to pay a 10% re-stocking fee plus International shipping.

    Hopefully this doesn't happen and it works out for ya with the sale price. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    *Love* this purse forum, geez... I live for stories like this!!
  14. Wow...if you pull this off, it's a story that will be told and retold.... :woohoo:

    I paid $2360 for mine! :whistle:
  15. ;) We'll see what happens. No new transactions on the cc yet and I'll have to check my email when I get home tonight. It's fun, but I'm a realist! the sure thing is that SOMEONE was sweating over that mistake...LOL!

    I'll keep everyone posted!