i just bought this chanel biarritz hobo :p

  1. LOL i'm sooo indecisive... i was asking to choose between the biarritz black tote and the caviar tote but i didn't get the caviar tote because i think it's still too similar with my coco cabas caviar.
    and i found this on eBay :yahoo:
    i got this for 999$, is it a good price?
    i'm not sure how much is the retail and if this bag was on the chanel sale, how much was the sale price goes?


    i think it's suppose to be like the one featured in this pic on the left?
    only in different colour combo
  2. Very pretty, congrats!!!
  3. Love the colour!! Congratulations.
    Sorry I don't know the retial price.....
  4. Good choice Sea! Yes, the caviar was really similar to your cabas and this is much, much different in color, shape and material! Congrats!
  5. ooo the color is stunning! congrats!
  6. beautiful - congrats and enjoy :smile:
  7. Just lovely! Congratz!
  8. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag.
  9. I really need a PB bag:yes:
  10. Seahorse : fabulous bag......not sure abt the retail price, but i hope it's a good buy. Anyway, congrats!!
  11. i have the one in the ad picture on the left & got it for 1475, so it looks like you got yourself a great deal!! congrats & enjoy!
  12. congrats! I think you made the right choice.
  13. this also comes in a small hobo style which may be around 995, i honestly have no idea, but it's a lot shorter than the tote
  14. Good decision! :yes:
  15. Nice bag! Glad you made a decision!