I just bought these on a whim...now I'm having second thoughts

  1. This shoe just popped up in my size on BG & NM website for $344. I ordered them, but I'm having second thoughts because it's suede. What do you all think? Anyone own this shoe?
  2. I don't own them but I got my Very Prives in suede. What is it that puts you off? Staining etc? I just got the good old protector spray out and coated them to death!
  3. I've seen people with black suede shoes on, and they look kind of grey. I'm thinking this happens after you have it for so long. I've never owned suede shoes so I don't even know who to maintain them.
  4. Hmm I've never thought of that actually.. I've worn suede where they have faded after they have gotten wet (without protector) infact it was snow stains! I wonder if you can get some sort of colour that you can 'dab' back on or something?
  5. I like them, I just ordered some suede boots and if they fit and I like them the first thing I will do is treat them.
  6. I have the black suede hercules and after I ordered them I was also nervous they would look grey, but they don't. They definitely look black and I have been wearing them quite a bit. I assume these shoes would be made of similar suede.
  7. That's what I was thinking about. I guess spraying protector on is the key to maintaining them.
  8. The protector I have states that you need to keep re-applying, so maybe people make that mistake, put it on once and think it's done?
  9. i don't own any suede CLs but i do own a pair of Gucci and YSL tribute in suede. i put a dehumidifier in my shoe closet and their condition's great. i didn't spray any coating on them so i hope they would turn out fine in the long run. i try my best to avoid buying suede shoes though!
  10. Suede is good for a little variety now and then. If you have an extensive shoe collection, it might be a good thing? They look beautiful to me!
  11. gem, I think the gray looking suede you see are cheaper brands? Back in the day when I was clueless about high end shoes, I bought some cheaper suede shoes and they certainly looked gray, well, they didn't even look suede. I would guess that CLs would not have that problem. I don't have any suede CLs either, but from what I have seen the suede looks like it will hold up.