I Just Bought The Tulum GM....

  1. I will post pics shortly. Finally a classy looking LV messenger bag...I could not resist. The cute add on accessory will be arriving next week according to my helpful SA Louie, yes, his name is Louie. I had so much fun in the Seattle store even though it is small....he told me the new one will be open end of May.
  2. good for you girl!!
  3. I hope this pic is not too big.
  4. I saw that today in Jersey. Nice bag!
  5. The bag is very roomy. There is great detail on the strap...it spells out Louis Vuitton. The zipper is fabulous because it is so big and shiny. The turn closure on the outer flap says Louis Vuitton Paris.
  6. LV just came out with a stylish one called the Tulum GM and yes I bought it. I needed a designer, classy worn across the body bag and this is it. There is nothing better than being hands free don't you think?
  7. wow.. looks really vintage. :smile: congrats on ur purchase!
  8. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!

    Can you tell if the fabric of the bag is different from other monogram bags? The Eluxury copy says something about it being a new more supple monogram fabric.
  9. WOW! You beat me to it!!!LOL!
    CONGRATS...I am next for this bag...LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. wow...can u tell me the name of the bag and the measurement.Nice bag!!congrats!!!
  11. It's a beauty! Congrats!
  12. The fabric is slouchy, thinner and softer than my other monogram bags. It is not stiff and even poofs out a little bit in the corners!
  13. I think I like it, it looks kind of vintagey at first glance. Definitely different.
  14. Really cute! I am a big messenger fan. How's the size?
  15. I saw this line today. I am sitting on the fence. Not sure if I really love it but the sizes of all of them from large to small are good. The smallest could hold my makeup case, small wallet, 2 sets of keys, and tissues. I forget the name of it but it was a 700. shoulder strap. The pockets also hold alot.