I just bought the same silverado as Nicole Richie (python)

  1. I know it's authentic, but am I an idiot for buying this??? check it out.[​IMG]



    got it for 1300.

    I wasn't anticipating, because I know i could've done it for way less (i bid way too early), i just kept bidding for fun, and now I have this lovely silverado. It's sooo pretty.. and I know the original price is like 2700.. so I got it for a deal right? Or did I overpay for the condition that it's in??:shrugs:
  2. It is beautiful!
  3. That is beautiful!! :heart: You are NOT nutz for getting that baby, especially if you've been pining after NR's and looking for one like it. Now you have it! Congrats on your win. The brown color is so rich and spectacular on that one. You've got to post pics once you receive (pretty please!).:smile:
  4. I love that bag! :love: Its an exotic skin so it will really stand out, plus the style isn't too slouchy. Great color too. I'd say that you got a good discount, I mean sure you can get things cheaper sometimes on Ebay but its great when you aren't worried at all about it being fake - its totally a pain to be waiting for a bag that you're pretty sure about. And I don't see any issues with its condition.
  5. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous.

    Am so glad that you finally got the bag of your dreams after the paddington fiasco :biggrin:

    You have bagged yourself a stunner ;)
  6. It think it's beautiful.
  7. Very beautiful!! That bag is a classic
  8. Thank you so much for all the compliments. I feel better about the purchase. I think i was just trippin because I could've bid a couple hundred less, but it's all good :smile:

    I can't wait to see her IRL and i'll definitely post some pics!
  9. Fantastic buy - If I'm not mistaken that's the original cognac. The colour that launched the silverado and now the holy grail for lovers of the style. Enjoy it!
  10. Oh, great buy!! I love my Silverado, but mine is not python. This one you got is a classic. Congrats, make sure to post pics when you get it!!
  11. It's close - second season, exact same color. The very first season bags didn't have the Chloe logo stamped above the button snap, and also didn't have the leather serial tag inside the inner pocket.

    Nonetheless, it is the exact same color, and the python scales look great (i.e., aren't peeling too badly at all)! Congrats!!!
  12. Thanks estile, irishgal, and greendrv :flowers:

    Hopefully i'll get it by the end of next week, beginning of the week after.... it's being mailed UPS 5 day (which takes forever sometimes)!
  13. One of the best chloe disigns ever!!!!Congrats on your new buy. Love it!
  14. Gorgeous! Don't regret it at all! And be sure to post pictures of you with your new bag!!:yes:
  15. If I were to ever buy a silverado it would be this same exact one! GOR-GE-OUS!!!! Can you post a photo of you wearing it?