I just bought the Muria bag in Noir!!


Aug 15, 2019
I am really loving this bag! It’s honestly beautiful and I especially love the silver hardware.

Although.. I do have a question. Is this bag comfortable? I’m not sure if it’s because I went from my Neverfull MM and then downsized to this.. so it’ll take me a bit to adjust or it could’ve been that I took it to work at 7am this morning and I was mad because I’m still tired lol.. but it felt uncomfortable at my side. I would imagine it similar to anyone who has the NeoNoe bag.

Did switching from a large tote to this kind of bag take awhile to adjust?


Jan 28, 2018
I have the Noir, I love it. The Galet is absolutely STUNNING too, so it was a tough decision!
I didn’t like the thickness of the strap, so I got a Neo Noe strap in black with silver hardware instead. Much more comfortable on my shoulder and I like where it sits.