I just bought the Dreambag for $220

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  1. I was just browsing and spotted the Dreambag in black at Platinumtrink.com, so I did just did a search for a coupon code and got BAGS08 for 30% off, and the code worked.
    I got the bag for $ 220, thats a good deal right?
  2. Awesome price! Congrats!
  3. fabulous samia! that's a steal!
  4. Congrats! That's great. The dream bag is beautiful in black.
  5. That is fantastic a great deal!
  6. Great Deal!! Can't wait to see modeling pics when you get her.
  7. thats an excellent price!! Congrats!
  8. Thanks!! I can't wait to get her. I hope it does not look huge on me, thats what I was worried about before.
  9. wow that's a great deaL!
  10. Great deal you snagged there !
  11. What a great deal :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:. Congrats.
  12. Samia! You got a STEAL on the bag! don't worry about the bag being too big because it slouches beautifully so doesn't look big if its not 100% stuffed! I got mine finally and i love it.
  13. Ooo I would love to see a pic of a dream bag worn and not puffed out like it always looks in the photos on websites. Congrats on that awesome steal!!! How tall are you Samia???
  14. perfect shoe i'll be posting pics of my new bags tonight :smile:
  15. I swear, it's always like Christmas here in the RM forum! All these terrific finds and photos to come and excitement and things to look forward to! I hope RM is working fast and hard on my two straps for my MAMS - eager to use them and eager to photo them!