I just bought the Daphne bracelet at lunch!!!

  1. I had a vacation day yesterday and when I got back into the office this morning, there was a message on my voicemail from one of the SA's at my Coach store. She called to let me know that they had many of the new jewelry pieces in, so of course I had to go over!!! They had the Daphne bracelet and I was originally planning to wait for PCE, but I couldn't wait once I tried it on! And I only would have saved $50, with PCE so I just caved and got it…I had to use some of my Merchandise Credit that I was going to put towards Lily (with PCE), but I have one more unused item I can return and then I will only have to come up with another $90 or so for Lily.
    The bracelet is gorgeous! I have it on right now…very substantial, heavy piece and quite unique!!! I'll take some pics tonight…I'll try to get some modeling shots too.
    BTW…I asked the SA's about a "rumored" PCE, but they weren't giving up any info…they said they didn't know, :okay: but I'm not sure they were being totally forthcoming…which is fine, I understand if they can't "give up the goods" ahead of time!!!
  2. Thanks for the update Ella and congrats! I can't wait to see pics!:tup:
  3. congrats, ella! Can't wait to see your pics and please let us know what you think if it's too heavy or not after you wear it awhile. Stunning!!
  4. I almost bought it at lunch today too! I ran over to pick up my Miranda:heart: and tried it on. I think I'll wait to see about PCE though.
  5. It looks so good with my Miranda!! I feel just like the Coach model in the last catalog!! :p
  6. They had the Daphne Cross necklace as well...I think I remember you saying at one point that you were going to get that one. I tried it on. I love it! It's really long, but it's so beautiful!
  7. I do! Can't wait to go to the MM to see all of the new stuff! Thanks again, Ella!:tup:

  8. Got mine last night and have it on now!!! I absolutely love it.
  9. ooooh, you ladies! i am so jealous! i can't wait to see pics later! :biggrin:
  10. Pics pics pics please, ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see!
  11. *thud*...that's me fainting...Daphne + Miranda + ellacoach = smokin' HOT!!!

    We will see you in the next catalogue edition, you Coach goddess you!! :tup:
  12. LOL!!! Why thank you very much!!! :blush:
  13. Congrats on the beautiful bracelet. I have accepted that I will not be invited to the PCE so I dont even bother asking questions!
  14. Congrats on the new purchase!
    And, welcome to Daphne club :yahoo:

    The pieces are beautiful, aren't they?