I just bought the cutest bag for my daughter

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  1. wow u have a lucky daughter
    advice her to take well care of it
    :biggrin: congrats for her
  2. Oh congrats, I bought that for my daughter also, she loves it!
  3. That's cute. She's one lucky girl :smile:
  4. I hope she'll love it! Congrats!
  5. loves it ! congrats to your daughter !
  6. awww, that's just too cute
  7. Congrats! I'm sure she will love it ! i got mine a few days ago and its perfect for when i dont want to take a huge bag They are so cute aswell :love:
  8. that's soo cute! your daughter sure have some great taste!
  9. Nice! I can't wait until I have a daughter so I can get her one. ;) Or, perhaps with all the convo about men carrying speedies, I'll get my son one!
  10. That's so cute!
  11. Congrats! It's very cute.
  12. Congrats!! I'm sure she will love it.
  13. Awwww she's gonna look so cute!
  14. Aw, the bag is so cute!
    I'm sure she will love it!