I just bought the continental wallet in black and I love it!

  1. Girls ... after drooling over it on the net, I just couldn't resist and I popped by the Mulberry store after work and bought the continental wallet in black. Oak was gorgeous too, but I know myself .. there would be stains all over it in a week. I love it .. I love it .. I love it!!!

    It's my first Mulberry wallet (I have one bag). I had a look at some other ones but I this was THE one and not even the most expensive one .. not cheap though ;)

    No dustbag included though, just a box .. I suppose that's normal?

    I'll have to think about how to explain this one to hubby. He bought me the YSL Muse 2 months ago and I promised I would not get another designer bag this soon .. but the wallet is not a bag .. so I still sort of kept my promise :angel:

    Kisses, cuddles and love :smooch::hugs::heart: before I start to confess :graucho:
  2. I can feel your happiness across the oceans and the ether...Enjoy!!!! It is indeed a beautiful wallet.
  3. oooooooooooooooooooooo pics please!!! And I'll help you think up suitable excuses!! Lol!!!xxxxxxx
  4. OOhhh I want a black wallet. Off to have a look...

    My Oak long locked purse is in a terrible state, but I love it.
    A few days after I bought it the waiter at Wagamama accidentally laid it in a puddle of ramen! He was trying to tidy up and I left it on the placemat, he then picked it up and straight in!! I was livid!
    At that point I realised, it will get mucky. It was only a few seconds and thank heavens I had sprayed it, but it did require a clean up.
  5. Oooooh nice!! Congrats! And since the purse/wallet is in the bag, why does DH even need to know!!!???? And, anyway, a wallet does not count as a bag!! No way!! Post pics!
  6. Hubby is the best! He said it's a beautiful wallet and did not complain about the price :yahoo:

    I will try to post some pics tonight.
  7. Can`t wait to see some pictures as this looks a really nice style, would love to see some.
  8. It is a lovely wallet indeed!. I also like the zip around purses in the patterned leather which is available now. Anybody have anything similar. I like the idea of having one but then again am not sure because the zip around effect reminds of a pencil case. What do you ladies think?
  9. I also had a look at the zip around wallet .. not my favourite ones .. too much hassle when wanting to pay. But you should go and have a try.
  10. I did have a look at it and it is not too much of a hassle to use as there is a zip compartment for payment and sections for credit cards and notes. It is just the 'pencil case' look that puts me off but I must admit am beginning to fall in love with it. I have seen some people use it and it does not look too bad. But £195 for a purse!!!
  11. Wow- am thinking about the continental purse myslef- can't wait to see pics!
  12. Me too! My congo brown flap purse is looking a bit sorry for itself & I'm liking the pink continental a lot...
    Going to wait until my trip to Shepton with Tropical Gal in March. No way am I paying almost £200 for a purse!
  13. Mmmm,soooo glad I got my Paul Smith,one purse does all,so at £185,I've never needed another!!! Mind you I think I saw it at £149 in Selfs the other night,sure I paid more?? Anyhow,does me and all ma 'gals'!!! Even the baby teal Helier!!!
  14. OOOO,jus before I go out,mmmmmmmmmmmm,congo,that sounds lovely!!! I got Andy a choc congo wallet for Christmas,would look mmm,mmm,mmmmmmmmmmm in a continental wallet!!