I just bought stuff... BUT NEED MORE!!!

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  1. Hey guys! I just bought a Mini Lin Bucket and a Cozy Purse. (It's being shipped so pics later!)

    Now I can't decide!!!

    I want something else!!!

    Help me choose:

    Azur Speedy 30
    Azur Saleya PM
    Azur Saleya MM
    Mono Batignolles regular

  2. Welcome to the club! lol.

    I would get the Azur Saleya MM. It's the perfect size!
  3. Azur Saleya PM. Unique and cute and super functional.
  4. My vote is for the Azur Saleya MM!! :yes:
  5. Azur Speedy!
  6. Mono Batignolles
  7. Batignolles!

  8. I agree with this! The Azur Saleya MM is a good choice!
  9. I'd get the Azur, any Azur.
  10. I'd get the Azur Saleya also!
  11. Azur Saleya!!! In either size!
  12. If you don't have any Speedy yet, you might consider Azur Speedy...

    it's TDF.
  13. well, you now have the bucket which is a shoulder bag and i think i remember you have the baggy denim which is also a shoulder bag...so i'm thinking you should mix it up & get the Azur Speedy :yes: its so gorgeous.
  14. Azur Saleya PM
  15. azur saleya mm......... :graucho: :drool: