I just bought my HG sunglasses on eBay, seller downgraded shipping


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Hey all-

I just bought a replacement pair of sunglasses for the ones I lost last year. The listing stated $10 USPS priority shipping (which was reasonable to me) but the label I just got from Paypal was parcel.

Accident or intentional?

I sent them an email so we will see what they say.


Jul 4, 2008
It might be an accident, or they thought it would be priority but it was higher then anticipated. It's hard to say. Probably wasn't paying attention or just didn't look carefully enough.


Looking for LVOE
Let me just add that it is a big deal to me because for a 1lb box, parcel post is only $0.40 cheaper but takes 6 days vs 2 days with Priority.

***nevermind I see that it is first class parcel (I guess the box weighs less than 13 oz) so it was only $2.36 to ship and is quoted at 3 days vs Priority for $4.95 quoted at 2 days.
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