I just bought my first spy @ a GREAT price!

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  1. Ok...well i debated for 2 days if I wanted to get a Fendi spy because they are a little too expensive for my budget. HOWEVER, i found a gorgeous light cognac fendi spy bag on Amazon.com...sold by Amazon.com (so i know it's the real deal)...for half price $999.89 PLUS i received $30 off for being approved for the Amazon.com visa card. SOOO i could not help myself!! i bought it and will probably be paying it off for the next few months...good thing the amazon credit card is 0% apr interest for 6 months!! there are two left on the site if anyone else wants to snatch one up!:nuts:

    Amazon.com: Fendi Women's Spy Handbag, Light Cognac: Apparel

  2. Why is the leather different colors in the different pictures?
  3. they made this?!?! i've NEVER seen this before
  4. actually i just got a little sketched out and i cancelled my order (lol)...i think that i'm just going to go to a fendi store by my house....better safe than sorry!
  5. I think that's a good choice. I have never seen this color combination before. That doesn't mean that it wasn't made. I would either way verify it with the Fendi boutique before purchasing. I hope this makes sense! Good luck in your search!

    EDIT: That being a good choice, I meant cancelling your order, not the purchase. ;)
  6. Amazon has been known to sell fake spys. This colour was not made by Fendi
  7. Amazon already raises red flags with me.. I'm glad you cancelled your order!
  8. Oh I am glad you cancelled the order! Just to be safe, and you happy save and buy the bag at the boutique!
  9. Whoa! After seein' that bag, I'm so glad you were able to cancel your order! The real zucca is sooooooooooooooo worth the extra dough!
  10. I was also puzzled by the color.. better to cancel.
  11. I dont know enough to know the color is off. Is it too light of a shade of honey brown? Arent the F's supposed to line up? Maybe they do...cant tell.
  12. Fendi never made that - so good to cancel
  13. You made a good choice.
  14. Ditto. I just purchased a cognac Spy on Overstock.com, and I sent it back this morning because it was fake. Gotta be careful these days!
  15. Good decision to cancel!