I just bought my first pair of CLs and I'm so anxious and nervous!

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  1. #1 Sep 12, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
    Hi ladies! I just purchased my first pair of CLs! Bianca in black patent!:yahoo: I bought it from Ebay since I couldn't find my size in any store in the U.S.... Now, I'm so excited and anxious to see it but at the same time, I'm so nervous.... I never spent so much $$ in my entire life for a pair of shoes (especially not knowing whether it'll fit me perfectly or if I'll be able to walk in them) Also, the thing that kills me the most is that I haven't told my husband about it.... *sigh* I hope it's all worth the stress and the $$$ :nuts:
  2. Aww... congrats on your first pair! Hopefully it all works out.
  3. Congrats Mrs.NP!! You are soo going to enjoy the Biancas like I do...
  4. Congrats!
    dw your husband will learn to live with it ;)
  5. Congratulations! You'll soon find out that one just isn't enough.
  6. :true:

    OP- I think these will work out just fine for you. Congrats, and welcome to the addiction!
  7. It's SOOOOO worth it! Congrats and be sure to share modeling pics when they arrive!!
  8. Congrats!! You will love them and so will your husband!! ;)
  9. Don't be nervous, be excited! You never forget your first! They will work out just find and if they don't, just sell them and try again.

    As for telling the hubby... :sweatdrop:
  10. ^^Lol. Yup! Perfectly written, kett.
  11. Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  12. Welcome to the addiction! Can't wait to see the modeling pics!
  13. By the way, when will you get them? :yahoo:
  14. The seller just shipped it today and will get them by Thursday or Friday! I'm literally counting the days... So excited! :yahoo:
  15. Congrats! Hopefully they fit...fingers crossed!