I just bought my first flap!!!

  1. It was only last night that I posted a thread, asking all of you for advice on what kind of flap I should get, and what color. The general concensus was to get a black caviar jumbo classic with silver h/w.

    Well, that was what I was intending to get...but see..I may be crazy, but when this deal popped up, I just HAD to take advantage, didn't I? I think this is a good deal, what do you ladies think?

    I just bought (well am paying off) a Classic jumbo in white caviar with silver h/w and the classic chain that I wanted, not the new! It was only used about 3-4 times, and it's coming in the box and bag and everything. The price is $1700.

    Did I do the right thing? I figure I can still save up for the black one someday, but this price..I just had to. *L* I hope that makes sense.

    These aren't my pictures, they're the sellers. But I should be able to get the bag in my hot little hands in about two weeks!
    w1.JPG w2.JPG w3.JPG w4.JPG w5.JPG
  2. Here are some more of the pictures. :yahoo:
    w7.JPG w8.JPG w9.JPG w10.JPG w11.JPG
  3. Aaaaaaand the last of them!!
    w12.JPG w13.JPG w14.JPG w15.JPG w16.JPG
  4. Congrats on your gorgeous bag!
  5. Hi STOPHLE!!! (fellow texan:smile:)

    I think you made the perfect choice. In the hot Texas weather you will be able to wear it all year. I have a white one too!!

    CONGRATS!! I remember how happy i was when I bought my first flap. As a matter of fact you saw me in Neimans when I was contemplating and trying then on for size. LOL

    Congrats again!!!
  6. ^That's right!! How are you girl?

    Weren't you even looking at a white one when we met? *L* It's so funny, I thought about you and how it looked on you when I made the decision to go ahead with it.

    Thanks for the congratulations. I am really super excited and figure white now, black later won't steer me wrong. Both are pretty classic.

    (Though honestly? I can already feel it in my bones that I'm going to have to buy a color at some point. *L* Oiy)
  7. Wow! Congrats! It's soo gorgeous!!
  8. Stophle, congrats on your 1st flap. You will love it.
  9. Congrats - that is an amazing deal!!!! This bag is just gorgeous!!! :love: :love:

  10. ha ha. That's right. I was comparing the white and the black.....i ended up getting both colors later. LOL

    Once you get your first flap you will be addicted...you don't wanna even konw how many flaps i have now. LOL:sweatdrop:
  11. COngrats!!! Gorgeous white flap. I'd love to see modelling pics.
  12. wow, congrats!!! i think this white is as classic as if it is in black :yes:
    and the advantage of the caviar is that it's not hard to clean too :p
  13. Very nice bag - love the cool chic feeling of the white - the black will come faster than you think......they always do.......trust us on this. hehehe. Congrats !!:tup:
  14. congratulations! its beautiful
  15. It's beautiful, and you made a great choice. You can always get the black at a later time.