I just bought my first ever designer bag(s)!

  1. I just got in from shopping with Etenebris, and darned if I didn't pony up and buy not one but TWO Coach bags, my first ever designer bags! I hardly deliberated at all. I was headed straight for the Holiday Patchwork Duffle I had seen before Christmas, when the SA sidetracked me with a new black Carly. So I bought both! :yes::yahoo:They are so sweet!
    Coach01.jpg Coach02.jpg Coach03.jpg Coach04.jpg
  2. CONGRATS!! :yahoo: both are gorgeous!!
  3. I love the Carly!!! wear them in good health and welcome to the dark side
  4. Congrats! I am such a fan of the patchwork in the duffle style!
  5. Congratulations!!! They are both fabulous!
  6. Congrats! I'm sure they won't be your last. Once you own one, you want them all.
  7. Beautiful! Enjoy wearing them, and welcome to the club!
  8. The carly bags are so cute! Great "firsts" :smile:
  9. "dark side" :graucho: :lol:

    I forgot to add that the Duffle was the last one in the store! I put my stuff in it immediately and wore it instead of my old purse. Then we walked right to the Clinique counter and the SA there complemented me on it. I said, thanks, I just got it! Then she mentioned they have one in the store, and ET and I both said, not anymore!

  10. love your new bags! :heart:
  11. Thanks! My pictures do not do them justice.
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Mwahahaha! I have created a monster! :rochard: We can get better pics of your new bags when you come for New Years...

    BIG CONGRATS on your first designer bag purchases! And to think I was there <wipes away a tear of joy>! :girlsigh: :tender:
  14. OMG!!! Bad enough that visiting the PF every day feeds our addictions but meeting a fellow addict face to face to shop?? Talk about enabling! :lol: Actually, sounds like lots of fun! I'll be in Charlotte, NC this spring and hope to find some PFers to hit a mall or two with! How fun would that be?? My hubby will be thrilled! But I am sure it makes shopping that much more fun!
  15. I love that Carly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!