I just bought my first Damier Ebene--Macau!!!

  1. Hey guys, was just at the boutique and grabbed myself a new acquisition!!! :yahoo:
  2. YAY! The macau is sooo cute! congrats!
  3. Congrats!!!!!
  4. love your signature, can't see your photos though
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  6. Congrats on macau, can't wait to see the pictures.
  7. Your signature is so cute! I cannot see your pics, but I am excited to see them! Great purchase, congrats!
  8. Here's my new Macau/Macao. Thanks guys!!!
  9. :nuts: Congrats!!! I LOVE wristlets!
  10. looks great! I LOVE damier!
  11. Love it! Congrats!
  12. Great purchase! I want this
  13. congrats!
  14. that's nice congrats I love your photo arrangement too
  15. Soooo cute!