I just bought my first chanel and have a ques

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  1. HI everyone I am new to the board. I have a question. I just recieved my first chanel today. (I phone ordered it from skas in ct since the Saks near me does not carry chanel) I bought the beige/black cambon bowling bag from Saks. It is beautiful and perfect! I love it!! Plus I loved it was 40% off. I recieved the bag and it was wrapped in tissue and inside a Saks box, I did not recieve a chanel box or a dust bag. I would like the chanel box but it is not that big of a deal, the thing that I would like is the dustbag, I would like to keep my purse in it when its not in use. If I call the store do you think they will send me one? Thanks!!
  2. Call them, they should be able to send you one without a problem. If it didn't come with a box or dustbag though, it might've been a display piece, which sometimes get seperated from their original dustbag and box.
  3. pink_bai2bi Thanks! I will have to call the store tomorrow as soon as they open. I am not that upset over the box I just really want a dustbag. I am keeping my fingers crossed they will send me one!!
  4. Hope they send it to you! I keep all my Chanels inside their dustbags & boxes for protection
  5. Oh absolutely call! Be persistent, you MUST have the dustbag! ;)
  6. That bag should have come with a dustbag and a box if you ask. But, the dustbag is a given! I mean really!
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for your replies! I called Saks first thing this morning. The chanel SA I talked to could not apologize enough! She said she was sending the dustbag right away. I am so very happy with my first chanel purchase!! I cant wait for the second one LOL! Any suggestions? Thanks again!
  8. Glad to hear that worked out. I wouldn't worry too much about the box either but the dustbag is essential!!!
  9. NM often throws the boxes out. They aren't nice boxes like LV boxes, though.
  10. The black dustbag worries me - I am afraid of color transfer to a lighter colored bag (beige Reporter). I don't plan to store mine in the dustbag. I might put it in one of my Chloe dustbags and put my dark colored Chloe in the Chanel dustbag.
  11. I have my tan chanel inside of the dustbag, and its fine ;)
  12. Hi, my beige and black reporter also came today from saks and I have to say that I am disappointed that I did not get a box. I did get a dust bag - but after shelling out $2000 for a bag, I am not happy about it. This thing goes back to the store first thing tomorrow.

    I am probably overreacting but I am just not as happy with it without the box....:sad:
  13. For as much as you spend, as well as a high quality item, you should get everything that belongs with the bag. It's a turnoff when things are missing cause the SA did not take the time to ensure you had everything that belongs with the bag.
  14. When I bought my cambon I got in from the "private room" at saks.. there were no boxes whatsoever in that room, just the bags on these glass shelves. The card was in the pocket and the dust bag was inside. So if some of you are getting orders from Saks they may not have the boxes anymore. THE CARD AND DUST BAG, in my opinion should always be included. Hope this helps..

    :heart: Laura
  15. iheartcouture ~ Saks In Greenwich, CT, Correct? .......I'm Very Surprised...They Are Very Together.

    I Am Glad Everything Turned Out Good!!!

    As For More Suggestions...There Are So Many Beauties!

    How About A Classic Flap Or A Caviar Tote? I'm Thinking @ Least One In Black! :smile: