I just bought my first Balenciaga. :D

  1. I know that I've been saying that I'm going to get an electric blue RH work. I'm actually waitlisted for one too. But I was browsing through eBay (what a good/bad idea) and came across a violet SGH work. The price was unbelievably low (for a giant hardware) and so with 1 minute to spare, I bid on it and won!!! :yahoo:It's item number 110206365133. I'm still waiting on authentication so I haven't paid for it but I'm pretty sure that it's real after comparing pictures of a violet SGH that a TPFer had on eBay as well as one that's on RDC. I'm so excited to get her! :lol: Look at the perfectly smooshy leather. :tup: I figure that if I don't like the colour as much as I thought I would or if I don't like the weight, I'll sell it and get another bag from the proceeds. Thanks so much to all those who have given me advice on what colour/style/type of hardware to get for my first balenciaga bag. I'll post pics when I get her in the post. I haven't seen violet IRL and I am crossing my fingers in the hope that it will be a beautifully bright colour that manages to match with most,if not all, of my clothing. Yes, so thanks again to all you wonderful ladies for taking the time to look at my posts and give me fabulous advice. :heart:
  2. she's beautiful congrats! :heart:
  3. Oh, good for you! She is gorgeous! LOVE violet!:heart:
  4. Beautiful!! Congrats on your great purchase!
  5. I love that color! Congrats!
  6. Congratulations - I love your new bag! Great price too!
  7. congrats and it's beautiful...!! what a way to start your collection with a bang!!! :yahoo: i have a feeling you won't be reselling it... i just got my violet first and all doubtful thoughts vanished the moment i laid eyes on her!! :love:
  8. It is authentic (so hurry up and pay for it so you can get it and post pics) and the seller is a lovely pfer! She has sold lots of great bags (no it's not me) You will love it! Congrats!
  9. congrats! will be looking forward to see it on the forum:smile:
  10. i was wondering who won this bag :woohoo::woohoo: you def got it for an awesome price!! this is one of my fave bags....can't wait to see you model it. congrats on such a lovely bag!!
  11. yay, my favorite color! Congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  12. Nice buy for your first Balenciaga!

    Congrats! Be sure to post modelling pics once she arrives!
  13. congrats! terrific color.
  14. congrats on your first b-bag!
  15. Hello hello! I'm very excited about this bag. Thanks for all the lovely comments, ladies. :heart: I paid for the bag last night and it will be coming sometime hopefully next week. It is a gorgeous bag, huh? And at such a great price. I'm just worried about the weight of the GH since my shoulders and neck aren't so great. And electric blue is coming out soon... But no matter since purple has always been my favourite colour. I used to buy yam-flavoured ice cream and just watch it melt simply because I liked the colour. :rolleyes: I was such a weird kid huh? It's going to be my only b-bag for a long time unless I miraculously find money lying on the ground or strike the lottery so it's going to be really treasured. I'm going to lovingly appleguarde it once I get back to the States. Oh, I can't wait. :happydance: