I just bought my Christmas Gift!

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  1. Went to Neiman Marcus with my Christmas money and walked out with a Hogan Fringed Shopper it's a beautiful camel color fringe and a deep chocolate brown leather acents! I am totally in love with it. (can't type right...to excited.)

    It's the most expensive bag I've bought and paid cash so no surprises later in the month.

    I crave the odd bags and this is perfect for me. (Today I have to get a digital camera to post pics of all my bags.)

    Only now I'm addicted to NM's bags. They had Mink Fendi Spy and Balenciagia Le Dix in clear glass cubes in the store - like a museum. They were all so lovely, my daughter (who's 13) and I walked around just starring at them all.
  2. Nice! Would love to see pictures...
  3. I was interested in buying this bag,I would love to see it....
  4. JoV that's a great bag, congrats!!

  5. JMO but Those clear plastic cubes and the museum presentation is very pretentious and contributes to the consumer spending all that money.
  6. Congrats
  7. Congrats! What a great Christmas gift :biggrin:
  8. Congrats on your new purchase! Enjoy! I'd love to see pics.
  9. ^^^yes pics :biggrin:
  10. I have THREE fringed Hogans! One of the first from about two/three years back in beige, a small shopper in black suede with silver trim and a large shopper in yellow suede with brown trim. Yeah, odd bags!

    I always think they look like Yorkies! Love 'em!
  11. They do look like little dogs! And I'm trying to post a picture - just waiting for my sister's camera. I took a pic with my phone, but it hasn't shown up in my email yet.

    Thanks for kind encourgement everyone!
  12. It may also be set up that way for security reasons...allows customers to examine from all sides, but without getting sticky fingers all over the merchandise (literally as well as figuratively). I wouldn't be surprised if they use some of the same security systems as in museums.
  13. That bag is gorgeous. Congratulations and happy new year!
  14. congrats! Can't go wrong buying your own Christmas gift!:P
  15. Here's my new bag. Sorry for the big fuzzy pic. I had to use my phone camera.