I just bought for my little sister...r/o

  1. Today went to LV at Saks and purchased the Monogrammed Bationelles (sp?) Horizontal. She is graduating highschool & turning 18 at the end of June, I thought it would be a lovely gift. She is inlove with White MC Speedy, but no sense in getting one when our mom already has one. She better love this bag or I'll kill her. Its getting sent to Texas cause I'm still here in Cali. I'll tell her to take pics once she gets it. Oh, and I also purchased the white MC wooden platform sandals for myself. I totally love it. It matches my priscilla and trouville.:P
  2. That's very nice present. I am sure she will love it. She is very lucky having you as a sister...would you adopt me as your sister :biggrin:

    Congrats on your recent purchase don't forget to share the pics :biggrin:
  3. yr sis is a lucky girl!! :smile:
  4. That's a wonderful gift!
  5. Will your parent adopt me? I want you to be my sister!
  6. That Is So Sweet....What A Fantastic Gift!!!
  7. That is so lovely of you! Your sister is a lucky girl.
  8. That's very nice of you. I think she'll love it.
  9. i just bought that bag for myself and i love it. you are such a great sister!
  10. I really wanted to buy one for myself, but I want my little sis to have a beautiful bag too.:heart:
  11. Do you need another sister? I'm up for adoption! Lol!

    Kudos for being such a sweet sister. :biggrin:
  12. What a wonderful gift. Post pics of your Priscilla!
  13. That's so sweet! I have a Batignolles Horizontal, and love it.
  14. you're so sweet!! :biggrin:
  15. Wowwwww that's insanely sweet and thoughtful!!! I'm sure your sister will be really happy :biggrin::flowers: