I just bought an INK TWIGGY!

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great color, great style, great seller...yay! :yahoo:
  2. Thanks, I'm really doing the happy dance.... I've waited a long time for the perfect balenciaga bag!
  3. congrats it's a beautiful bag, I've been looking for an ink too, but want a city.
  4. congrats, impasto! beautiful bag and from a wonderful seller too!!!!
  5. How exciting!! Your first Bbag. Congrats!!!
  6. Yeah I almost settled for the Blue that is coming to the stores soon, because a salesmen was gonna hold one for me in the "box" style. I'm so glad I held out!
  7. Congratulations! I was actually checking that bag out as well! I'm actually looking for an Ink day bag. Has anyone seen it at all? If not, I'll settle for an ink first bag...
  8. love the color, congrats!
  9. Congrats! Ink is such a fab color!
  10. congrats impasto :yahoo:
    btw, love ur avatar :P
  11. congrats! welcome to the ink club! And i love that seller, she is really wonderful!
  12. Congrats, Impasto! That's a beautiful bag!:heart:
  13. thanks seahorse my LV multicolor trouville was my FIRST higher end handbag purchase... :^D