I just bought a vintage chanel...Pics

  1. Hi, I am so happy, I finally found a vintage chanel that I have been dreaming for along time. A sling bag with fringes and in a good condition. I fall in love with the shocking blue color. I am so happy n want to share with u guys.:yahoo: But I feel the bag is too small for my big frame.:p
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg blue chanel.jpg
  2. Stunning! Lovely colour and it looks fabulous on you! I've been looking for a vintage chanel bag too but in caviar leather =)
  3. congrats!!
  4. Congrats this colour really pops out!:drool: What about if you used it as a hand held bag with the chain dropping down? I'd suggest with long trousers preferably black or white!How does it sound ? ;)
  5. Love it! I love the tassel chanel bags! It is a great colour to waer with jeans and maybe a cute blazer. Looks great on you!
  6. I love that bag!!
  7. oooh it's sooo cute! congrats on the finding :party:
  8. I don't think it's too small--are you used to carrying larger bags? Sometimes it's just a matter of getting used to carrying a smaller or larger bag. When I got my first Jumbo flap bag, I thought it looked huge on me, but now that I'm used to it, I love it.

    The color is incredible--it's a really beautiful bag! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  9. she's a cutie! have lots of fun with her! =)
  10. Congrats. Beautiful color. It looks great on you.
  11. Thanks All. I am really love the bag.
    ChanelSpell : I totally agree with you, I should wear it with a black skinny jeans and along cardi or a blazer. When I took the pics I just so lazy to change. Anyway, thanks so much for your advice.

    Snowwhite : You are so right snowwhite, I always carry a big bag. Before I bought this bag, I actually have a few thoughts. I am not really into small bag, I don't think it will fit all my stuffs. A wallet and mobile phone already occupy the space. But I really love the style n color, plus the price is not that bad. So I think why not... I rather buy than regret later.
  12. Beautiful color, congrats!
  13. You and the bag look great!! It doesn't look too small! Enjoy!
  14. Great Bag, Great Color, Congrats:heart:H
  15. so cute! i love it with you outfit! congrats!