I just bought a Silvana Hobo (Cognac)

  1. Hi everyone,
    This is my first post on the purse forum! :rolleyes:
    I am feeling a bit doubtful/unsure of myself because I just bought a Silvana Hobo in cognac (not sure if this is the official name of the colour, but it's a medium brown colour... and in google results, 'cognac' showed up as a colour for Silvana). The price was $919 CAD, and I have 14 days to make up my mind in case I want a refund or exchange. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died so I can't take a photo right now. Just imagine a medium/warm brown.


    1. The zipper can be totally unzipped if I pull too hard. I know that the bag was designed like this on purpose, but does anyone find this inconvenient? e.g. what if I am in a super hurry, and I yank hard on my zipper....and my bag ends up being an 'open' bag?

    2. lack of compartments

    3. I have to admit that I bought this bag mainly for the discounted price. I am not so sure if I'm so in love with this bag (yet....) Can someone please give me an honest opinion of this bag? Does it look 'granny' at all?

    4. I'm short (5 feet tall) so not sure if this bag looks overwhelming on me. Again, my camera doesn't work right now, so I can't take sample photos to show you guys....

    Any honest opinions/words of reassurance would be great. I want to feel confident about my decision and start loving my new bag!!!

    As a side note, the main qualities I look for in a bag are comfort + practical. I find that this bag is easy to carry, but I'm just mainly concerned about zipper + compartments.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for your help!! :flowers:
  2. I have this same bag - I bought it on sale at Nordstroms for $709 in the Teal color - I love the bag, although I wasn't thrilled w/the lack of pockets. I actually like that the zipper comes undone at one end (the Stella was designed like this too). I keep mine open all the time for fast & easier access (the bag is deep enough that I don't worry about someone reaching inside w/o my knowing).

    As for there being no pockets - the slip pocket inside is actually deeper than I first thought, and I keep my cell phone & a few other small items in there - I also have an older cosmetic bag that I'm using (until I get the quilted clutch that I really want) to keep other things that I want to easily find. I also bought the Quilted Zip Clutch in teal which I'm using. I luv having a "matched set"!!

    I am also short - 5'0" and have a passion for larger bags, so this to me is no big deal. It doesn't overwhelm me, and is actually very easy to carry (I love the leather pad on the chain strap. It makes it so comfortable to carry!). The leather on the ends of the bag are already starting to soften (after a week of use) so I kinda push the bag together to give it a little flatter look.

    I really like the quilted leather look but haven't really been a fan of the Stam. I like that this has the trademark MJ padlock on the front (even though its only a decoration & doesn't open anything!). The gold chain is a little "grown up" and different from other bags I've been recently carrying. I used to actually only buy shoulder bags, but in the past year, every bag I've bought has either been a satchel or a bag w/dual handles & a strap, so this brings me back to my "roots"!

    I debated at first also - between the Silvana & the Alyana - but in the end, the Silvana won out. I really think it's a great bag and looks fantastic - I'd love to see it in brown. I bet with the gold chain & hardware it looks really pretty!
  3. Hi iluvmybags, thanks so much for your advice :girlsigh: one question: my friend said that the whole hardware/chain look may be outdated very soon..... what do you think? I hope that it's not true, because I want to maximize this bag by wearing it for at least a few years....
    lucky you, prices are always better in the states! :yes: you are right, the size of the bag is great and it is comfy to carry. i guess i can organize my stuff with makeup bags. i really like the colour of your bag, though i didn't see it at my store for some reason.

    FINALLY my camera is working! :yahoo:so here are some photos. Please excuse the quality; my camera is extremely sensitive to lighting.
    IMGP1951.JPG IMGP1949(2).JPG IMGP1952(2).JPG
  4. Unfortunately, I can't offer any suggestions because I've actually never even seen this bag IRL. But I can say I think it's a very pretty style and I don't think it's Granny looking at all nor do I think the chain handle will be outdated soon. I would actually strongly consider buying this bag if it gets marked down more after Christmas. Even more so now that I've seen pics of yours and iluvmybags's gorgeous Teal one.

    Congrats on your new bag roundbunny...it looks great on you! I love the color too. :yes:
  5. OOOooo I was right - the "chocolate" leather w/gold chain/hardware is gorgeous!! And it looks great on you (not overwhelming at all!).

    I strongly disagree about chain straps being outdated anytime soon - Chanel has been doing quilted leather & chain straps forever and they're certainly not outdated!

    This is the quilted clutch that I think would be great with this bag - you can get it from the MJ store directly (for $22, but their s/h is ridiculous!) or there are a bunch on eBay in all sorts of colors.


    I think this is a great bag & I'm so glad I found one!!
  6. Welcome roundbunny, and congrats on your MJ. :flowers: I think its a keeper!