I just bought a rouge vif city from NM SF

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  1. and I am giving my work to either my sister or my kids' teacher. i haven't decided yet. I don't like the work. too boxy and a bad drop. I love that brief, though. even with the bling bling hardware. love that leather. that's what i like about the hh bag. good leather and excellleent hardware.
  2. 0o0o0 congrats on getting a CITY... i'm glad you have found the b-bag you love!!! PLUS, the colour is amazing!!! whoo hoo!
  3. Hi Kathleen, when did you get the rouge VIF from NM SF? Did you place an order (how long was the wait?) or did they have it in stock?

  4. I was thinking kind of the same thoughts regarding the work! I just got the bowling and it is better for me personally then my work. The handles have a better fit for me on the shoulder. BUT I just can't part with the work yet!

    Congrats on your rouge vif city! Post pictures!:yes:
  5. I did buy that bag. i am hoping it is good.
  6. talk to linda - 415-568-6367 and they have a bunch in stock
  7. That's sweet of you to give your work to someone else!
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!:heart:

  9. congrats on ur new bag!!! what color is ur work?
  10. grenat is the work
  11. congrats! can't wait to see the pictures.
  12. congrats! pics??
  13. still waiting. should be here today right as the dh gets home. booohoo. does anyone know who NM uses - UPS or FEDEX. UPS is bad for me 'cause they always come in the evening. must provide distraction :smile:
  14. How much was the bag? If you don't mind saying!
  15. 1195 w/o shipping/handling/tax