I just bought a patchwork stam for $399 from NR! Help with color please?

  1. yay, what a deal. I can't believe it and I didn't see anything wrong with the bag, except a little scratch on the leather close to the chain. I am not sure what color this stam is. It doesn't have the original MJ tag anymore (only NR tag that says original price was $1550). It's kinda beige in color. I am trying to look for the stock photo of this color on the net but couldn't find it. And my camera is out of power. But I found this picture from eBay and I think it's very close to the color of the bag that I purchased. Anyone knows what this color called? Thanks!!
    I'll take the picture of the bag as soon as my camera is fully charged.
  2. What a great deal! Congrats!
    It looks beige to me.
  3. congrats!! where and did they have more???!!!!:drool:
  4. that is the exact color of my ivory stam-great deal!! ENJOY!!!
  5. OH MA GAWD, I can't believe it.

    Awesome bag!!! I need one!!! Enjoy!
  6. that is an amazing deal. congrats! i saw this bag IRL over the weekend, its beautiful.
  7. What a bargain! It looks beautiful - congrats!!

    I assume NR is Nordstrom Rack?
  8. Finally, my camera is ready. I took one without flash and one with flash, so you guys can see the color better.
    with flash.jpg without flash.jpg
  9. Yes, NR is Nordstrom Rack. So the color is called Ivory??
  10. I'm pretty sure it's Ivory as well.

    What an incredible deal!! :nuts::yahoo::nuts: I can't believe it! Congats Nefredity! I sooooo wish I had a NR near me. :sad:
  11. Congratulations.
  12. I know what a deal. I went to Nordstrom website (it says the color is beige) and the exact same bag is still up there for $1550. How come it's already at NR if it's still current season?
  13. ohh it's soo beautiful.

    i never see any mj at my NR. where do you live?
  14. [​IMG]pic from nordstrom.com. Is that the same color as the one that I got?

  15. Seattle