I just bought a pair of Seven jeans (need help with the size)

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  1. Hello ladies,

    My fixation of the month is jeans!! Since I bought a pair of Paige jeans I am now venturing out and found a pair of Seven jeans that I really like. I bought a pair of stretch bootcut jeans. (See attached pic)

    Now comes the problem. The size I came home with is extremely snug. I showed the SA and she said it's perfect since these will stretch like crazy but more I try them on at home more I feel "uncomfortable" thinking that they may be too small. The thighs fit well but I really need to push in to button up. Is this indeed a right size?

    Do I just need to stick to it and wear them until they will stretch to fit? Just how much do these really stretch?

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  2. they do stretch out a lot, I would keep them if I were you cause you don't want them to get really loose later on
  3. My Seven stretched quiet a bit. It took awhile for me though..
  4. i have them, they stretch a lot! i'd keep 'em. :biggrin:
  5. Maybe I should go home and wear them for a few hours and see how it fits. When you say they do stretch, how long does it usually take? And do they give in on the waist too?
  6. Seriously, do squats and lunges like crazy and they'll stretch.
    It takes a couple of weeks.
  7. BTW, they will stretch more than the Paige jeans.
  8. Keep em! Sevens do stretch quite the bit!
  9. I didn't notice my Paige jeans stretching out too much but the pair of 7 I got is actually a size smaller than Paige.

    Do you usually get a size smaller in seven jeans?

    I'll go home and do some lunges! haha. thank you!
  10. Most seven jeans are 100% cotton which means they won't strech when you put them on (some other jeans have 1-3% lycra or spandex) but they will strech over time (as cotton does) but becareful with the dryer.
    Even when things are pre-shruken the dryer can surprise you.
  11. Keep them, sevens stretch out a whole size.. Just wear them in around the house.
  12. They look real cute.
  13. Oh no, I got that pic off of nordstrom.com! hehe.
  14. my sevens were one size smaller than i would normally wear. actually they were the same size as my paige jeans. because of the lycra they give a little. you want to make sure that you are comfortable. do squats etc. you also want to make sure that they do not give you a muffin top or camel toe:shame: (sorry but i see so many ladies walking around with jeans 2 sizes or even 3 too small and frankly it does not look appealing :amuse: ) they are great jeans. AG also makes good jeans too that flatter just about any figure. good luck and enjoy.:amuse:
  15. muffin top i get (haha) but what's camel toe?