I just bought a new wallet...

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  1. Hi
    i have just bought a new wallet.. but i dont know the name n which range is this from
    N how do i check where it is made in? Cant seems to find it anywhere...

    Fyi, i bought in a burberry store. but i cant seems to find the color of the wallet in the website...
    From the description behind the box, its says Trench
    is Trench a new color?
    Will post the pic soon
    Hope someone can enlighten me...:sweatdrop:Thanks
  2. i'm not sure if yours will be the same, but for my burberry wallet (not the same one you have) "made in italy" was engraved on the leather inside of the wallet. it's really hard to see because it's not different color. you have to look carefully under bright light.

    as far as style number it should be on the tag or on your receipt.

    ***i just saw your burberry link and i see something engraved on the bottom right hand corner of the wallet (2nd picture). maybe that says where it was made in.
  3. hi cooster thanks :smile:
    well do u know anything abt the TRENCH color?
    is it a new color?
    btw i have checked the wallet... there is no made in engraved inside the wallet :sad:
  4. Btw on the receipt... LS MD POPP CLS / N/S N/A
    is this the style no?

    fyi behind the box:
    order no: 4500020444
    article : 3463753
    color: classic check /trench
  5. I just bought a purse in the trench color. I think it's been around for awhile because the outlet store has had Beatons in trench. It's a very neutral color.
  6. Hi lovepurses
    but how come the trench color is not on the website?
  7. I was actually at a Burberry outlet yesterday while traveling and asked about the trench color. I was wrong (sorry!). Their neutral is another color, slightly lighter in my opinion than the trench color. Maybe trench is a relatively new color but the Burberry boutiques had several bags in that color but no wallets.