I just bought a new cell phone- LG enV

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  1. Any good?I got it off eBay pretty much new for $240 total.

    Anyone have any experiance with it. I wanted something with a keyboard. I think they are neat.

    This is what I have now- the VX8600


    And the EnV is what I just got:

  2. Thread hijack! :nuts:

    I just got a new one too..... A Helio Ocean. I haven't used for calls yet; I can't port my number until Friday, but I LOVE this phone. The service is with Helio, and it runs on the Sprint 3G network. Great screen, dual slider, and Google Maps available for when I get lost.


  3. Congratulations to both of you for the new phone. I have been wanting a SideKick (T-Mobile) for a while now but haven't taken the leap yet.
  4. I wish I could get like a Sidekick or somethingcool but I have Verizon and it has to work with Verizon... :sad:

    I want the new Voyager or Venus but way too expensive, I'll wait til they are out for a while... In May I can get a new phone with my plan from Verizon, but I wanted one now so I got one on eBay...
  5. I have the enV and I LOVE it!! I am addicted to texting so it is the perfect phone for me!!
  6. I've had an enV for over a year now, and I love it! It's the best phone I've ever had, and I like the keyboard.
  7. My neice got one and loves it!
  8. I had one for about a year and I loved it... I just traded up for the new Voyager though... same idea..
  9. i LOVE my enV. the keyboard makes it easy to use the basic calender function and texting, so i find myself a little more organized than i used to be. the camera also takes suprisingly nice pictures. and the biggest thing for me is that it's sturdy. this is my third LG phone and they've all been basically bulletproof. :smile: it's a great phone. you won't be disappointed.
  10. I want the enV too but my friend just got a Voyager and it's AMAZING! Pretty much Verizon's take on the iPhone.

    I actually just want a Chocolate...but no new phone for me until June when our plan expires :sad:
  11. I just ordered a new phone last night that just shipped today via overnight.. Samsung U600 in white haha!

    Congrats on your new enV! Looks cool. My friend just got the Pantech Duo which is also another one of those flip slide qwerty/regular phone lol. Very cool. I would have gotten that but it was too expensive for me.
  12. My brother in high school got the enV on Amazon in August. It was brand new, it was $50 instant rebate plus another $50 mail-in rebate, so the phone only cost $50 total. Good deal :yes: The phone is cool, I like it. It's a good phone for texting and camera quality is quite nice. Hope you have fun with your new phone! :tup:
  13. i got an enV

    i love it :smile:
  14. Great phone!