I just bought a new bag when I should be sleeping!

  1. It is after midnight, I do have to work today, I don't need another bag and I've never owned or seen a Bulga IRL but...I love handhelds, golden hardware, and I think I need an "amore" colored bag! Btw, exactly what color is this? I digress, After reading about how soft the leather is and learning of a sale, (thanks tpfers) I snagged a Bulga large Pudding tote, reg. price $575 for $201.60 total! I can't wait til it gets here!
  2. OMG! that's such a great bargain!
    congrats! :yes:
  3. Hello fellow night owl!
    After this post I'm going right to bed (I swear!). Congrats on getting a good deal on the Bulga. I've seen them in person and the leather is sublime, well worth the price.
  4. The fishing is always better at night!
  5. ^^^it's the best time to look for bargains!
  6. 3 AM is my prefered shopping time. It also seems to be my vulnerable time. I am more apt to make hasty purchases in the middle of the night. But I've never regretted very many of my purchases. I work nights 3-4 nights a week so 3 AM is prime time for me.
  7. Congrats:woohoo: Can't wait to see photos.:yes:
    Don't you love that "High" feeling of scoring a great deal??
  8. Thanks all, it's a sort of euphoria for me when I find such a steal, I really can't go wrong with the bag but I would like to know just what color is "amore?" I'm guessing orange like?
  9. I do that a lot. Most of my online purchases happen late at night. Thankfully I don't have buyer's remorse *too* much of the time. :p
  10. I bought one last night too! The Bulga Large Multi Zip Bag in Chocolate. It looks TDF! I'm a bit concerned about it being too big though, but I tend to enjoy really big bags so I'm hoping it will work better for me than the medium. To give you an idea of what I find too small, I bought an Anna Corrinna mini city tote and I find it a little bit too small for my everyday needs. If anyone knows the dif between the two sizes in terms of practicality and general looks, can you let me know?

    As for the Amore colour - never seen it irl but it looks like a nice coral. Great for spring!
  11. Congrats :yes:
  12. Oooo well done you. Post pics :yes: once she arrives
  13. congrats, can't wait to see pics.
  14. I also bought a Bulga bag (the butterfly tote in Foam) late last nite! That's when I make most of my purchases. What can I say, I'm a shopaholic night owl. I have the Bulga pudding tote in Navy, and it's great bag. You'll love it. I think the Amore is a coral-like color, very pretty!
  15. Jade, I too like the look of the AC mini tote but think it's too small for daily use. I know you wont have that problem with the Kooba. I don't think that it is too big but post pics when it arrives and if you don't want it, you can return it. Funny though, I'm worried that the Large Puddng Tote that I ordered is going to be too small!