i just bought a mini paddy in white!...

  1. Hi, ChloeGlamour! Congrats on your new buy,I have a blanc mini paddy also, it's really cute and l adore it very much. You'll love it!
  2. lovely bag, i saw this on eBay,
    cant wait to see pictures
  3. WOOOW compliments..i hope to receive it soon!!do you wear it in winter too?i have read that it doesn't become dirty very soon...but i will take care of her:heart:kisses!
  4. I just bought it one or two months ago, but I think I will carry it in winter also. It's not very cold here in winter, and I have a light colored wardrobe. Actually I think white can go with any color, if you are not wearing too much or if you are small-framed(from your other thread,I think you are:p),it's ok to wear it in winter. Hope you enjoy your bag and don't forget to post your modeling pics when you get it:smile:!

  5. soo pretty! congrats, i bought one in mastic recently and will definitely be using her when in winter too!
  6. I'm debating getting one in black. They're sooooo cute!
  7. I am picturing myself in winter with a black cashmere sweater, black drapey dress pants, black boots, pearls, red lipstick, and my BLANC PADDY!!!:yahoo:
  8. wowser that was MY bag lol!!!! :nuts:

    I bought it at the same time as the spy and the stam, so I sold her on to this ebayer!!!!

    Ahh so happy for you, it was purchased in Harvey Nichols, so its a goodie!!

    Here is a piccie of your actual bag here, when I bought her lol!! Congrats

  9. Too cute! The cycle continues!

  10. :nuts:
    OHH MY GOSH.... i just hope there won't be marks i am just afraid of this....COMPLIMENTS ON YOUR BAGS....I LOVE SPY TOO KISSES
  11. I AM looking for a baby mastic too... or a baby nuage....did someone see it?:graucho:
  12. :cursing:yes iam small -framed and thin unfortunately....so the medium size is too big for me ..even if i have a balenciaga work for everyday ;)of course i will post picture of my baby family(2005 silver,2007muscade ,2007 blanc)
  13. Gorgeous bag, and it will be great in winter too! Congrats on a fab purchase!:tup:
  14. Very cute! I love it. :smile: