I just bought a lux line...

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  1. Okay so I went to Saks in Beverly Hills today and I was going to get the Lux Line black flap bag. I always carry big bags with me so I wasn't sure if it was going to be large enough. Then I saw that they had a Lux Line tote style bag in black. I don't know what the style is called but it does fit over my shoulder and it has a zipper on the top. I LOVE it. Has anyone seen this style before? I will try to post pics later.
  2. sounds like the large Bowler{?}
    I can't wait to see!
  3. Congratulations, Haute! Sounds as though you finally made a decision that was the right one for you.
  4. Oh man I am soooo indecisive!!! I think the one I got is the shopper. Anyway I might exchange it for the flap bag tomorrow. I don't know. Pros and cons to both, you know??
    Thank you sooo much for all the help, girls!!!
  5. ^ can we see pics?
  6. A shopper in the Luxe?
    I'm DYING to see it!
  7. I'd love to see pics!!!! Please?????
  8. Congrats! I'm glad you love your new bag! :smile:
  9. Oh I love that! This one the flap are sooooo different though, hard to compare.
    What are your needs?
    I prefer the flap because I love it's design, although my normal default is a large tote like this. I have it in metallic black and it's a beautiful color.
  10. I say keep it, I love it :love:
  11. I LOVE it!!!! Keep it!
  12. I have it....and I love it..KEEP IT!!!! Its a great bag!
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