I just bought a Gustto Setela large tote!!

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  1. Thank you everyone! I love my bag! I've been carrying it around for a week now and I just found that the leather is very sensitive to water. Its been raining for a few days and I've realized that when water hits the leather it gets water spots until it dries off. Since I really don't want to carry my bag in a plastic bag whenever it rains, does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the leather protect?

    Can I just use shinning monkey? I use it on my Louis speedy and it worked great.
    Or should I leave it natural and just not carry it in the rain.

    Help please!!
  2. ^Love this bag, the leather looks sooooooo nice enjoy. About the rain i wouldnt use it when it looks like it will rain/raining but thats just me, otherwise i use a water protector spray on bags i use in the rain but if you do, try it in a small place first just incase. Well thats what i do anyway hope this helps
  3. I have that same Setela in sand - in fact, I just back from a business trip where I used it as my carry-on/computer bag/all purpose bag. I think it is a great bag.
  4. What a pretty, yummy bag! LOVE the leather on Gusttos!