I just bought a Gustto Setela large tote!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just bought a Gustto Setela large tote in sand on Bluefly..I got it for only $317! It was just a deal that I could not resist!!

    I heard that its big! but also that it slouches a lot! any thoughts?

    I'm just sooo excited!:woohoo:

  2. Congrats! I love the Baca that I have, really nice leather!
  3. Thanks! yes I heard that the leather is to die for..
  4. It is a gorgeous bag with yummy leather that gets lots of compliments and is great to travel with (or if you just like big bags or have a toddler :smile: You will love it- congrats!!!
  5. You'll love the leather. And it slouches Big time. I bought a Medium Setela years ago and it was huge so I sent it back. This big one is gonna be BIG. But Gustto's are nice nice bags. My Sister has an old style called a Solba that she has been carrying for 2 years 24/7. It's her only bag and it has no issues at all.
  6. Gustto leather is yummy, and you're right...this bag is really big. I bought two large Setelas and sold them new because they were much too big for me. Still, I have three bacas that I adore. Here's a pic I hadn't yet deleted of one of the Setelas I sold.....at least it gives you an idea as to the size and style.

  7. i'm a gustto fan myself, congrats! don't forget to register it on their website :smile:
  8. thanks ladies..I'll be sure to post pictures when I get it.
  9. It reminds of Gustto. but its verrry nice :smile: nice looking price too!
  10. I have a medium setela, 2 bacas, and a cala. Most amazing leather ever! Congrats!
  11. opps sorry...I thought you put another designer on there...excuse me its late..hehe
  12. I adore my Gustto Setelas...yes I own more than one and am in love with the bag. I love the huge slouchy bags and this one is big..but not real heavy...the leather is the best I have ever felt in my life...I am a Kooba lover too...but Gustto takes it for the leather...I actually own the same bag you just bought...will bring her out for summer and I just bought a dark taupe one that I will carry now till summer and then probably switch them. For the last 4 months or so I have been carrying my Gustto Setela in Cognac and she still looks beautiful...I used lovinmybags to protect and condition her right when she got here.....recommend them the products are great. There are no marks on my bag at all. I am acutally about to list my Cognac one on ebay since I just bought the taupe one....but Gustto is great. I wish they would come out with more style that are similar to the favorites like the Setela...Baca...Parina with maybe just a little bit of update difference that would be awesome...I'm really not into any of the newer Gustto bags..the bags cuts are just not my style....you will love it...post some pics!
  13. That's a lovely bag! Looks ultra-soft. Well done!
  14. Great deal! I like big bags also, and this one looks beautiful. Gustto bags are lovely. I have the Cala clutch and love it.