I just bought a gift for little sis...r/o

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  1. I'm so excited because I just bought the LV ManhattanPM for my little sis. I was planning on getting it for her hs graduation gift, but instead will be her Christmas gift. She told me she loves that bag so I had to get it. I bought it thru eluxury.com :P I think I should also throw in the matching wallet for her too, what do you think??

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  2. If she likes it go for the matching wallet too! Bags are always nice gifts! I am probably going to get my baby sis a bag for xmas too! :biggrin:
  3. I was just in the LV section of Saks earlier this evening and asked to see the Manhattan PM :love: I almost walked out with it, but I can't afford it right now.

    I'd say get her the wallet. What a nice gift! :biggrin:
  4. Sure go for it
  5. That's awesome, what a great gift !

    I would definately get a wallet too if it's within your means, personally, I prefer to carry wallets and bags that match.
  6. The matching wallet would probably make her really happy. You know she'd buy one anyway to match her new LV.
  7. Omg Lieu, I totally forgot to tell you? I'm your long lost sister! And I'm not one bit picky. ;):toung:
  8. Wish I had a sister at all.. :sad:
    just have one sister-in-law .... almost a sister :smile: and double as nice :smile:
    hmmm i should email her a link to this forum hahahh