I just bought a gift for little sis...r/o


Sep 13, 2005
I'm so excited because I just bought the LV ManhattanPM for my little sis. I was planning on getting it for her hs graduation gift, but instead will be her Christmas gift. She told me she loves that bag so I had to get it. I bought it thru eluxury.com :P I think I should also throw in the matching wallet for her too, what do you think??


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I was just in the LV section of Saks earlier this evening and asked to see the Manhattan PM :love: I almost walked out with it, but I can't afford it right now.

I'd say get her the wallet. What a nice gift! :biggrin:
That's awesome, what a great gift !

I would definately get a wallet too if it's within your means, personally, I prefer to carry wallets and bags that match.