I just bought a fake :(

  1. Agree with all the above!

    Don't cancel till the payment clears.
  2. Gotcha! Thanks, Cocolo! :smile:
  3. The hold is because she didn't have enough money in her Paypal account, so Paypal is taking the refund money from her bank account. It takes a few business days for the transfer to clear.

    There is no other choice when one refunds money: the refund comes either from the Paypal balance (and it is instant), or, if not enough balance left, it will be funded from the linked bank account, which takes a few days to clear.
  4. Unfortunately according to ebay rules, buyers are responsible for the cost of shipping an item back. It sucks, but it's how it is. The most important thing is that you will have your money back, and it's very nice of you to not have opened a SNAD case against her. If she was a good seller, she would have refunded the cost of you shipping the item back too. But oh well!
  5. Thank you for your message, and I agree. Thank goodness I almost have my money back, as of tomorrow. It does suck, but in the scheme of things, I am very lucky. I do wish she would have considered that if I had opened an SNAD, she might have not even gotten her bag back at all, as eBay would have ordered it destroyed. This brings up a question for me. If during the return shipping, if something had happened to the bag, and I needed to collect the insurance on it, would that have been mail fraud? I was just thinking about this last night. Would that have put me in a very bad situation? How does that work? If you're trying to be a good buyer and don't open a case, but something happens to the bag on its way back, what would that mean? I'm just curious, as obviously in this case the bag did get back okay, so this is purely hypothetical. I was simply wondering...Thanks again tho for your message! I hope you have a great day!
  6. No, I don't think it would constitute mail fraud..you are using the mail for

    the purpose it was intended for & since you did not open a SNAD with

    ebay and since EBAY did not tell you to destroy the bag, that was how

    it needed to be returned.. think you will be ok with this..
  7. Thanks, Hotshot! Its all fine and good, I was just curious what would happen, you know? Since the law technically states sending a fake is illegal. Fortunately, I don't think anyone has had any issue with this problem actually happening, but I always think worst case scenario, so I was interested as to the legality of it all. I appreciate your response. That's what I would have hoped. As an aside, I'm a little concerned today because PayPal said the funds would be cleared on 7/26, yet the money still hasn't been released to me. Hopefully its just a delay since PayPal is on the west coast, and not that the echeck didn't clear. I hope it all gets resolved today. If the funds don't clear by this afternoon, I'll give PayPal a call and ask why the money is still pending and not released. Anyway, thank you for answering my question. I hope you have a great day!
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    Yikes. I am getting worried now. My paypal account listed the funds as pending until 7/26, but today is 7/26 and I still don't have the funds in my account. The transaction still says pending until 7/26. Why would paypal not release the funds to me? The seller said the funds came out of her account on 7/23 and that she did not send an eCheck, but if this were the case, I would have my refund back, wouldn't I? I am holding with Paypal now. Hopefully they can give some insight into what's going on.

    Okay, so I guess with Paypal, unlike banks, it doesn't happen at the start of the day. It happens anytime that day. So they said that the funds should be released at some point today. Also, when the funds are not longer pending, since I paid with my debit card, do the funds go back to my Paypal account, or will they go back on my card?
  9. They go into your PP account and then you have to transfer them back into your checking account that your debit card is tied to.
  10. Hi GlamGirly, unfortunately, it does go direct back to my debit, as I think they treat it like a credit. So, the pending status now says complete and from what I can see from past refunds to my card, it takes anywhere from about 1-3 days to post back in my bank account. At this point, I at least know that the funds are on their way back and I don't have to worry. I accepted her sale cancellation request, so she now has her fees back too. Thank you to you and to everyone for all your help on this return and with the checking for authentication! I am most grateful! I hope you have a terrific afternoon!